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About Us

We are a Canada based company doing all the renovation stuff you need 

We have been in business since 2005. We specialize in building 1, 2, and 3 story houses, townhouses, and laneway homes. We allow you to build your dream home by working with our architects to build and design exactly what you want.

20+ Years of Experience in Home Renovations & Appliances

We have been working from more than 20 years in this home builing and renovatin business we have solved many hard problems in these years and made many dreams come true. We hope to do that for you as well.

We specialize in Custom Homes & Renovations

Home renovation and House building is all we are doing from the time we started. As time passed we became better and better in the job and now we can say we specialize in it and we can make something great on your land.

Why Choose Us ?

We provide top notch services in a affordable prices with assurance of quality and on time completion. we have worked with hundreds of customers to build their first homes you can get one too.

Safe & Affordable pricing

Our Payment methods are straightforward and simple. So there is no chance of fraud with us. Also our pricing is Competitive in the market and we provide best pricing in the city when it comes to building homes and renovation.

Time is everything

Time is our biggest priority even more than money. We have finished all our previous projects on time and we’ll continue doing this forever.

Trusted and Insured

Triple Gem Builders are verified for insurance, past lawsuits, and is licensed to work in their designated province. We have also worked on various project including some out of state as well.